Honors Program

The COMS Honors Program encourages and guides qualified students to graduate with departmental honors.

What are the qualifications for graduating with departmental honors?

There are two: a) a COMS GPA of 3.5 or above; and b) completion and defense of an honors thesis (for which 2-6 hours of COMS 498 are awarded).

How does a student arrange to write an honors thesis?

Contact a faculty member who teaches in an area of communication that especially interests you. Discuss topics you might explore in depth and sketch out what a thesis might entail. Enroll in COMS 498 Honors Thesis with that individual (or continue your work with a colleague better suited to guide your project). Then complete the study and meet with a three-professor committee to present and defend your thesis.

Contact information:

For more information about graduating with departmental honors, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Beth Innocenti


Bailey Hall, 116H