Student Resources

The Department of Communication Studies is committed to making sure that our students have access to all the relevant information they may need. Below is a list of resources that we want to make sure are centrally located for everyone. 

If a student feels they have been treated unfairly by a member of the COMS department, the department’s Grievance Procedures are explained here

If a student has witnessed or experienced an incident of discrimination or harassment, they should immediately reach out to the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access (IOA). All COMS faculty, GTAs, and staff are mandatory reporters who will contact IOA if a student shares an incident with them. The IOA’s website can be found here

For a general sense of how the Department functions as a unit, our Bylaws can be found here.

Each year, the COMS department assigns faculty to various department committees that are central to helping us meet our mission. For the current list of committee assignments, please see: 

Communication Studies Department Faculty - Committee Assignments 2020-2021

As it is not unusual for students to feel various forms of emotional distress while navigating classes and campus life, KU offers Counseling and Psychological Services for all students.

Given the cost of higher education and the financial precarity of many of our students, KU provides Student Money Management Services through the Office of the Vice Provost of Student Affairs. You can check out their services here.