As soon as possible after the appointment of their advisory committee, and before beginning the actual preparation of their thesis, students should submit to the committee a proposal. This prospectus should indicate (1) the purpose of the investigation, (2) its scope, (3) its importance, and (4) its scholarly method. The committee members may act on the prospectus, at the discretion of the dissertation advisor, either individually or in group conference.

Preparing the Manuscript

Instructions regarding the preparation of manuscripts may found via the College Office of Graduate Affairs. See KU's guidelines on thesis formattingIt is the responsibility of the student to comply in every respect with the thesis and dissertation regulations established by the University of Kansas. 

Processing the Thesis

At least one week prior to the final oral examination, degree candidates must send copies of their dissertation to each member of the committee so all may have an opportunity to read it prior to the examination. After the oral examination the student will be asked to make corrections, if necessary.  All committee members will sign the title page, and the acceptance page is signed by the faculty advisor only.

In addition to all program requirements, students planning to graduate must complete all University graduation requirements prior to the published Graduation Deadline in a given semester.  Students should consult the current Academic Calendar for the published Graduation Deadline, which varies by semester

COGA's graduation checklists contain a comprehensive list of all University requirements for graduation and should be used by every graduating master's or doctoral student in the College.


M.A. Degree Graduation Checklist

Submission of the final draft of the thesis or dissertation is done electronically.  Students must comply with all University requirements for formatting and electronic submission of the thesis or dissertation.  There is no University requirement that students provide a bound or printed copy of the draft.

Students who have concerns or questions about fulfillment of graduation requirements may arrange for a Graduation Appointment with the College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) following the defense or final exam and in advance of the applicable Application for Graduation deadline.   While this appointment is not a requirement, it can be useful to review all degree requirements with a COGA staff member, verify that the Application for Graduation and Thesis/Dissertation submissions have been completed, and receive guidance on any pending items. 


At the beginning of the semester in which you plan to graduate, please apply for graduation.

Step by step instructions can be found here.