Beth Innocenti

Beth Innocenti
  • Professor
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Office: 116H Bailey Hall


Ph.D., University of Illinois

Rhetoric & Political Communication

Beth Innocenti's teaching and research interests are in argumentation and the history of rhetoric. She is particularly interested in how public, political arguing generates persuasive force. She teaches courses such as "Rhetoric of Women's Rights," “Persuasive Speaking,” and "Research Methods: Historical and Descriptive." Her work has been published in journals such as ArgumentationPhilosophy and Rhetoric, and Journal of Communication. She has served as Editor of Argumentation and Advocacy.

Selected Publications

Recent publications

• Innocenti, Beth. “Argumentation.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Communication. Ed. Patricia Moy. New York: Oxford University Press. <;. First published 2011. Revised 2014, 2017, 2023.

• Innocenti, Beth. “Cultivating Contexts for Deliberative Argumentation.” Journal of Argumentation in Context 11.3 (2022): 394-416.

• Innocenti, Beth. “Demanding a Halt to Metadiscussions.” Argumentation 36.3 (2022): 345-64.

• Goodwin, Jean, and Innocenti, Beth. “The Pragmatic Force of Making an Argument.” Topoi 38.4 (2019): 669-80.

• Innocenti, Beth. “Constructing effective arguments.” In Teaching Critical Thinking: A Resource for Instructors. Ed. J. Anthony Blair. Windsor: Windsor Studies in Argumentation, 2019. 213-224.

• Innocenti, Beth. “Foiling Kamesian Belletristic Theory in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Scotland.” Advances in the History of Rhetoric 22.1 (2019): 51-72.

• Kauffeld, Fred J., and Innocenti, Beth. “A Normative Pragmatic Theory of Exhorting.” Argumentation 32.4 (2018): 463-83.

• Innocenti, Beth, and Kathol, Nichole. “The Persuasive Force of Demanding.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 51.1 (2018): 50-72.