Dorthy Pennington

Dorthy Pennington
  • Associate Professor

Contact Info

Office: 116J Bailey Hall


Ph.D., University of Kansas

Relationships & Social Interaction

Dorthy Pennington’s teaching and research areas are intercultural and interracial communication/critical race theory, cultural rhetorics, African American communication and culture, the discourse of terror and trauma, and African American regional church history.


Ongoing Research

  • Mediation and memory in the rhetoric of Condoleezza Rice. A paper from this body of research garnered a top paper award at the 2008 NCA Convention
  • Identity mediation and diunitality in the rhetoric of Barack Obama
  • Social movements in African American communication and diaspora studies
  • Racial identity and power
  • Theoretical constructs and applications in interracial communication-book manuscript completed; in search of a publisher

Selected Publications

Recent Publications

  • “Emic, Etic, and Andragogy: The Contributions of Nobleza Asuncion-Lande to Intercultural Communication, “ Journal of Intercultural Relations, 26(2012).
  • “Barack Obama’s ‘Authentic Self’ as a Spiritual Warrior,” Howard Journal of Communications, 2014 – 2015.  DOI, 2014;  26(2015), 74-94.